Over my lifetime I have used many varieties of herbal supplements and healing synergies. I have been blessed to witness many “miracles” from alternative medicines. From my earliest beginnings I have always been associated with alternative medicines. I was raised by my mother with the philosophy that God provides humanity with everything we need to keep us healthy and happy. So when I got sick, instead of being rushed to the doctor like my friends, she would go to the herb pantry and bring forth the herbal remedy needed to assist me in my illness. As a result, I found myself generally in greater health wellness than my peers.

In 1996, after being abroad for two years, I returned to America and became very involved in the alternative health industry. Over the next few years I worked for two major alternative health companies that do several million dollars in sales each month. The longer I was working for these companies the more disheartened I became over the lack of integrity I found in their herbal cures.

I came to the conclusion that if I was going to continue using supplements and other alternative therapies I wanted to be sure that the quality I was paying for was the quality I was receiving. I decided that in order for this to happen I had to do things myself. So over the next decade I put my energies into the pursuit of building a business with integrity. My goal was to supply high quality, therapeutic healing alternatives to the general public.

It is my resolve to provide the healing therapeutic supplements to our customers and build a company upon equality and integrity. Ultra Earth is founded upon our desire for quality products, integrity and teamwork. It is my personal pledge to insure the high standards of our products will be maintained.

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