The Perfect Rhythm

In the cycle of a perfect Rhythm. 
All entities connected, connected with the rhythm.
The rhythm of perfection, flowing with Connection.

The Beauty of perfection!

Enrolled together, together Here and Now, Joined with the rhythm,
The rhythm of connection, perfect with perfection.

Life with rhythm, rhythm with life.
Perfection given with connection. Connection given with perfection, in the rhythm, the rhythm of Perfection.

The perfect gift of life. 

Always and forever, Here and Now, Ultra Earth connected in the perfect rhythm, the rhythm of Life.

Written by Justin H. Cluff


As the earth keeps sharing her information by example, I have gathered a message of equality.

In my understanding, nature communicates that everything deserves to be on equal shares, “if” the intention is to live a higher way of life for all living things.

Another message I have come to appreciate is the message of creating a win-win situation for all entities of life. 

When I am sharing, giving, acting, loving, creating, profiting, pleasure, business, sports, and all living activates that I enroll myself in “if” my intention would be to create a win-win. I am confident that life will evolve into a higher way of living for me and all that is present on this Earth.

I feel, we as living beings can and will evolve into higher living creators.

There are many ways of achieving a higher way of life.

Equality and creating a win-win are two ways which I am committed in achieving a higher way of living for all of us.

Thank you for enrolling yourselves, if it serves you to do so!

I feel the majority of people spend most of there time at work, which is as great as any place to start treating everyone equally fair in success and in the drawbacks of each company. I say, let everyone be equally accountable of the results from their actions.Let us share the excitement of success together. In the time of “drawbacks” let us stand strong together united with one understanding to improve each others situation. I have found this to be the message of true reality. All connected in one way or another. All for one and one for all! Each has a voice equally powerful! Keep casting your vote and let it be heard!  We as a nation will rise up together in creating a higher way of life for all!

I am delighted to be a part of a company that is created upon the foundation of equality.

I am delighted to be a part of a company that has the intention of creating a win-win.

Go Ultra Earth!

According to the understanding of
Justin H. Cluff

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