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Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious disease in the United States.  There is an estimated 225,000 new cases of Lyme disease each year.  This disease was first discovered in 1975, in Old Lyme, Connecticut, and is transmitted by the bite of an infected deer tick.

Not all ticks carry the bacteria (Borrelia burgdorferi) for Lyme disease and only a small minority of deer tick bites leads to infection. The longer the tick remains attached to your skin, the greater the risk of getting the disease.   You can have an allergic reaction from tick saliva that occurs at the site of the bite, but that will disappear after a few days and is not Lyme disease.

 If you have been bitten by an infected tick, this bacterium is transmitted from the skin into the bloodstream and will flow to different parts of the body including the joints, connective tissues to the heart, spine, brain, and other areas.   This bacterium puts the immune system into action. 

The body’s natural defense is the immune system.  The normal process of the macrophages (white blood cells), sound the alarm when disease (foreign invaders) are in the body that need to be destroyed.  Antibodies (immunoglobulin), proteins produced by B cells, mark the invaders for destruction.  The macrophages send messages to the T (lymphocyte) cells that seek and destroy the Lyme spirochetes and repair and replenish the body.  The warriors for this battle against disease, comes from having a healthy immune system.  If you are like most people living in modern society, your immune system will be deficient due to lack of proper nutrition, toxic overload (environmental pollutions), stress, use of alcohol, or long-term use of antibiotics.  Because almost everyone’s immune system is in a weakened condition, it is unable to properly do its job when attacked by the Lyme disease bacteria. 

If you have been bitten by an infected tick, quick action is your best protection.   Apply a Therapeutic Oil (my favorite is Clove Bud), to the bite, and take the Ultra 1 supplement for immune system modulation.  (If you are currently on the Ultra 1, I would suggest you double up the amount you take to be completely safe.)  Most ticks rarely transmit a disease unless they have been attached for four or more hours.  If Lyme disease is left untreated, it can cause severe neurological problems and pain.

The major symptoms are:

  • A rash at the bite area that can resemble a bull’s-eye, a red ring surrounding a clear area with a red center that can be up to 2 inches in diameter.


  • Flu-like symptoms including fever, chills, fatigue, and body aches, headaches, and swollen lymph nodes.
  • Swelling and joint pain – the knees or other joints can be affected (known as Lyme arthritis).


  • Neurological problems – an irritation or inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain (meningitis), a temporary paralysis of facial muscles, a numbness or weakness in the arms and legs.
  • An attack on the central nervous system that can lead to a stiff neck, confusion, memory loss, poor coordination.


  • Problems including an irregular heartbeat and hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) can be experienced even weeks after being infected.

Ticks thrive in the humid wooded areas with long grasses, weeds, and leaves.  Some precautionary measures would be to keep the grass and weeds around your home cut.   Avoid wooded areas.  Walk in the center of trails.  Wear light-colored clothing, long sleeves and pants that can protect the skin.

The best prevention is to have a healthy immune system.  With our modern day lifestyle it is critical to be on a supplement that feeds the immune system so it can stay properly modulated.  (Do not use supplements that stimulate the immune system since this causes the immune system to be overworked and is harmful in the long term.  Only use supplements that modulate the immune system.)  You may also consider taking a couple of drops of a powerful antibiotic therapeutic oil, like Remedy, in water.  Our bodies are bombarded by toxins and infectious diseases are quickly spread worldwide, so it is always wise to be prepared before an issue or pandemic strikes!   

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