by Man Found Standing, Native American Medicine Man

Modern scientists conclude that every human on the planet has cancer. What?! Because of the trillions upon trillions of cells in the human body, it is only natural that there are some mutated cancerous ones. The modern medical establishment estimates that the healthy human body destroys 10,000 cancer cells a day. It is only when cancer cells accumulate into the billions do doctors consider it a health risk.

So what is cancer?  There are hundreds of different kinds of cancer, but really cancer is all a manifestation of the same basic issue; the cancers cells' blueprints (DNA) differ in various aspects from the surrounding tissue.  Cancer is most often categorized where it is first discovered in the body.  For example:  Colon cancer is cancer cells found in the colon.   

There are many types of cells that make up the human body.  It is a normal process of life for these cells to grow and multiply, to build the body, and replace cells that have grown old and died.  During the replicating process, sometimes the DNA of a cell can become damaged or changed and therefore produce mutations that affect the cell's growth and division.  That is how cancer starts.  These mutated cells do not die when they should and will often divide without control.  Over the years, these extra cells will often form growths or tumors and metastasize (spread) to other areas of the body.

Since cancer is a normal process of life, why has it become such an enormous problem?  The simple truth is society and our current lifestyles have allowed.  The modern medical establishment profits by you being unhealthy, so rather than focusing on the real issue, they focus on treating the symptoms.  Instead of looking at why the cancer cells were not destroyed and grew out of control, modern medicine focuses on killing the cancer and forcing it back into submission.  This type of treatment does not remove the innate problem that our lifestyles caused and therefore it leaves the body open for a variety of health problems or cancer returning again.

With our modern western medicine, most cancers are treated with surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  Even with other newer cancer treatments, like biological therapy, cancer care is not only a painstaking and traumatic process, but in fact weakens your body's natural defense against cancer.  These therapies treat cancer like a germ or virus and not like a part of our body gone amiss.  It is only by focusing on the cause of the problem can true healing occur.

Cancer arose and flourished due to issues that the body needs to be rectified.  Cancer scientist understand that all cancers that develop into a problem first arise from the immune system either not working correctly, or being too overloaded to do its job properly.  The deficiencies that cause cancer to flourish and the immune system to not function properly fall into two main categories: environment (pollution) and the lack of proper nutrition.  In our modern world, most cancers are a combination of both factors.

Environmental factors for cancer can be overcome by avoiding toxins and cleaning out the body.  Humanity's exposure to DNA damaging free radicals has increased exponentially over the last century.  By simply getting the proper building blocks through a healthy diet and high quality supplements, your body can ward off our environments deadly attacks and purge itself from the deadly buildup of toxins.

Sadly, the lack of nutrition in our diets largely stem from the food industry's focus to provide quantity rather than quality.  The food contained in the standard Western diet has lost most of the nutritional value that the body needs for healthy living.  Choose your foods wisely:  organic raw produce grown in your own garden or bought locally are the best choices.  Incorporate exercise or movement for circulation.  An increase of oxygen delivered through the bloodstream feeds the healthy cells and have a better chance in the battle of disease.  There has been extensive research that has proven that what you take into your body can have a profound effect on your survival against cancer.  The body will heal itself if given the proper building blocks.

The real or "alternative" cure for cancer is taking control of your life.  By focusing on eliminating the factors that cause cancer to flourish and rebuilding the body's natural defense, our body can remove the cancer safely and without any of the serious side effects from conventional treatment.  Start with small changes in your diet and proper nutritional supplementation. 

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