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Ultra Enzymes contain a full spectrum of organic plant based digestive enzymes along with the organic Therapeutic Essential Oils to greatly enhance their effectiveness.

As we become enzyme deficient through improper diet, stress, illness, and other factors, we start to age faster. A shortage of enzymes may cause serious health problems. Because enzymes must break down food into simpler building blocks, eating only cooked foods can eventually cause enzyme exhaustion at the cellular level.

Our bodies are not maintained by our food intake, but rather, by what we digest. Cellular enzyme exhaustion lays the foundation for a weak immune system and ultimately disease. A common misconception is that vitamin and mineral supplements will make up for dietary deficiencies. The fact is, without enzymes, nothing works in the body, no matter how well formulated the supplement might be. If food is not completely digested, the body does not get the full complement of nutrients it deserves.

Cooking food destroys the naturally occurring enzymes. People eating mostly cooked or processed foods, will often have vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Enzymes ingested either in the form of raw, whole organic foods or supplements optimize digestion and not only can the deficiencies disappear, but also myriads of other health conditions can be reversed.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies develop in a relatively short period of time, 60 to 90 days, but enzyme deficiencies take longer to develop, simply because the body has so many compensation mechanisms. When an allergic reaction occurs, an enzyme deficiency has likely existed for months or even years prior to its onset.

Enzymes assist to increase oxygen levels while helping to raise your pH, which can protect you from free radical damage. The plant enzymes provide energy directly to the individual cells and enhance the electromagnetic fields in the body causing increased energy. It is important to have an enzyme reserve for your body to draw from to maintain optimal health. There are two ways to build the body’s enzyme reserve; one by eating raw foods and two by taking an enzyme supplement.

Enzymes are needed for every chemical action and reaction in the body.

Enzymes are an important factor for overcoming sickness, maintaining vitality, weight management, longevity of life and superior health.

Metabolic enzymes run all our organs, tissues, and cells. Minerals, vitamins, and hormones need enzymes present to perform their work properly.

Enzymes are the work force of the body. The better we maintain and build up our enzyme reserves, the healthier we will be.

Enzymes break down toxic substances so the body can eliminate them without damaging the elimination organs.

Ultra Enzymes contain the following plant based enzymes:

Protease: Digests protein into amino acids.
Amylase: Digests complex carbohydrates.
Lipase: Digests fats and denatured fatty oils.
Maltase: Digests disaccharides to monosaccharides.
Invertase: Digests sugars.
Cellulase: Digests fibers from soluble sources.
Lactase: Digests lactose or dairy sugars.
Bromelain: Digests protein.
Nattokinase: Digests fibrin.

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